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Practising self love, together.

30 Jan

This festive season, my partner and I opted to spend Christmas with our respective families and then a quiet night in for New Year’s eve. As much as we thought we had a break as we went into January, the covid fatigue had a permanent space in our lives.

Two weeks into January, I received a text message from my partner asking if I was up for a cosy weekend, of course, I said yes, then I was asked to pack our bags for a weekend getaway. Feeling absolute ecstatic, I packed our bags, and we set off on our surprise location. Approximately 45 minutes later, we arrived at Thabo Eco Hotel, situated in the Klipriviersberg nature reserve.

On arrival, the security guard did the necessary security and covid checks, and we drove up to the parking area. At the reception, we were met by a peaceful, tranquil space with friendly and accommodating staff. Check-in was quick, and the friendly staff explained in detail, what was on offer and the new regulations as per covid government regulations. Our stay was when South Africa was under the new curfew, so the restaurant would serve dinner early as closing time had changed. We arrived late afternoon, and we had not eaten lunch, so the arrangement suited us fine as we were planning on having an early dinner.

Our room:
The decor is magnificent, spacious and set amid the bush. We had a small balcony, that was large enough for a patio table and two chairs, with a lovely view of the property and surrounding landscape. The king-size bed faced another open window which to had a great glimpse of the surrounding landscape.
We were delightfully surprised to find that the drinks (non-alcoholic) and snacks, plus the coffees and teas, were all complimentary and were stocked daily.

Our bathroom equipped with a large shower, bath and twin basins, towelling gowns and the necessary toiletries. The toilet is separate.

Our daily adventures:
After a good nights sleep, we woke up early and went on a great hike. The hiking trail started on the top end of the property, with rocky mountain terrain and vegetation. We were lucky to capture some wildlife as well as pass several cyclists. The trails are accessible from outside the reserve, so day trips are available.
We explored the spa that at the top of the farm, next to the hiking trail. ‘Sinzinani Spa’ has a breathtaking view and has a menu of various beauty and relaxing treatments.

Next to the rooms, there is an open gym area where we could stretch after the hike. We had a power shower with perfect power pressure and then dashed to breakfast.

What we ate:
Breakfast served in the same restaurant as dinner. The waitrons were incredibly efficient despite the fact they were understaffed. They tried their best to attend to their tables, but there is so much a human can do. The restaurant was the only negative part of our stay. Perhaps the establishment should hire more waitrons to assist during breakfast, what added to the tension was the constant shouting and swearing which came from the kitchen. We discovered the loud abuse came from the chef. I have never understood why chefs find it necessary to shout and belittle staff in a restaurant. Unfortunately, his verbal abuse heard throughout the restaurant.
Our waiter was apologetic about the situation. We ensured that they received personal tips for their sterling work.
I ate the delicious homemade Granola with fresh fruit, and my partner had the eggs, bacon and avocado. Unfortuabntaly that was cold. The following day we had the french toast and Granola.

Our adventures continued.

The rest of the day included walking through the beautiful myriads, pathways and secret gardens. The garden landscaping and rock features had small features attached and some with written scriptures or stories.

On arrival we had pre-ordered a picnic basket, so around 14h30 the porter collected us and drove us to a private little garden, where we could enjoy our picnic feast. Our picnic basket included plates of wraps, salads, chicken, meat and fish dishes as well as decadent desserts. It was so worth our money and we had enough food leftover which we had for dinner on our patio that night. We also had an ice bucket of soft drink and no-alcoholic beverages.

We spent the better part of the day enjoying the outside before it began to drizzle. We then finished up on our balcony, followed by a lovely afternoon siesta.

For sundowners, we went to the sundeck and enjoyed delicious mocktails. We had the Pina Colada, and a non alcoholic beer. We were able to enjoy the sunset and reflect on our wonderful stay.

The following morning, we checked out, went for breakfast. Unfortunately, the waitrons were still understaffed, but we managed to get a warm breakfast.

After that, we went on a game drive (approximately two and a half hours) which was the perfect end to a spectacular weekend.
Our guide is well-read on the farm’s vegetation, fauna and flora. We stopped for a light beverage and enjoyed the space with the farm’s wildlife.

The escape from the city, fresh air and pampering are what our souls needed.

Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe, creating safe affordable health care for the queer and extended community.

29 Jan

During these uncertain and anxious ridden times, it is great to see and acknowledge those who still live out their passions and truly do their bit for community and humanity at large. Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe is one such person. In 2019, I attended a seminar hosted by QWB+A (The Queer Womxn In Business + Allies). QWB+A is a forum and group who create experiences and opportunities for the queer womxn community to connect, collaborate and ignite action towards building thriving businesses and careers. Their goal is to build a supportive ecosystem of queer womxn entrepreneurs, investors and working professionals to help each other thrive. They have chapters, which are local meetups that take place in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg South Africa. 

Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoespoke at the, 2019, Johannesburg chapter on her business venture and I have been following her work ever since.

This week the award-winning doctor posted on her social media pages that through her business, quadcare Medical Centres she would like to offer all these sites as vaccine distribution points for The Department of Health, free of charge. This is an amazing gesture as a way to help fight #COVID19 and help get the communities vaccinated. In the post, the doctor requested to be connected to government personnel who could assist. So who is this remarkable person? 

Who is Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe?

Know as an inspiring member of the LGBTQ community, Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe grew up in Hammanskraal, South Africa. As a child, Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe would accompany her grandmother to visit the local doctor each month to collect her medication. It was in those long queues that she decided that she wanted to become a doctor to give ordinary South Africans, just like her grandmother, quality and accessible healthcare in a dignified setting. Dr Mmamontsheng Dulcy Rakumakoe started out in private practice in Vryburg, it was here that she observed the impact of workers returning from the mines and how this brought illnesses into the local community. This sparked her interest in occupational health and cemented the idea that people need access to healthcare near where they work and near where they live.This is how quadcare was born in 2019. The venture is a partnership with Dr Dulcy and a consortium of investors.In 2020, Dr Dulcy Rakumakoe won the prestigious 2020 Santam Woman of the Future award and 2020 Feathers Award for ‘Role Model of the Year’, which she dedicated her win to “all women, Cis, Trans, Heterosexual and LBTI.The quadcare dream comes to life:quadcare’s mission:To ensure that people have access to quality and affordable healthcare.

quadcare Primary Healthcare Clinics

Each of their expanding network of Primary Healthcare clinics provides their patients with comprehensive, affordable medical services (including dispensing basic medication) in a hygienic and welcoming environment. At present they operate an expanding network of primary healthcare clinics across Gauteng as well as a walk-in occupational health centre in Turffontein, Johannesburg.

Their services include

  • Consultation with medication
  • Ultrasound
  • Sexual and Reproductive Health
  • Vaccinations
  • HIV Testing
  • Free Circumcision
  • Weight Loss
  • Treatment of Chronic illnesses

quadcare occupational health

Their affordable, comprehensive suite of Occupational Health services helps businesses ensure their workforce is fit, healthy and productive and that they comply with all health and safety regulations in the workplace.One can visit their state-of-the-art facility in Turffontein, Johannesburg or book an on-site medical conducted at your workplace to minimise disruption.Services include:

  • Entry and exit medicals
  • Periodic medicals
  • Mine medicals
  • Construction medicals 
  • Executive medicals
  • Cross border medicals
  • Driver and PDP medicals
  • Food handlers medicals

Where to find them?

quadcare Primary Healthcare Clinics

  • quadcare Alexandra

Alexsan Kopano Resource Centre, Corner 12th Avenue & Selborne Street, Alexandra

  • quadcare Braamfontein

80 Jorissen Street, Braamfontein, Johannesburg

  • quadcare Carltonville

18 Ada Street, Carletonville

  • quadcare Edenvale

Marialena Court, 57 Van Riebeek Avenue (corner 4th Street), Edenvale

  • quadcare Evaton (opening November 2020)

Shop 225A – Evaton Mall, Corner Golden Highway & Easton Road, Evaton

  • quadcare Fox Street

128 Fox Street (Corner Von Brandis Street), Marshalltown, Johannesburg

  • quadcare Meadowlands

1959 Meadowlands Zone 9 (opposite the old bus terminus), Soweto

  • quadcare Turffontein

The Edge Shopping Centre, 69 Turf Club Street, Turffontein

  • quadcare University of Johannesburg

UJ Student Centre APK Campus, 5 Kingsway Avenue, Rossmore, JohannesburgThey will be opening soon at The Protea Glen Mall and in the Balfour Park Mall

quadcare Occupational Health

Walk-in Centre Location

quadcare Turffontein

The Edge Shopping Centre, 69 Turf Club Street, Turffontein


Letsatsi Healing space

28 Jan

Letsatsi Healing space offers tailored programmes, to humans seeking healing, support, validation, growth and next-level performance in their work. The programmes are suitable for victims/survivors of GBV, humans who suffer from PTSD, humans who need life coaching,  focusing on relationships and career or a mixture of all the above. The programmes are led by Rosie Motene. 

At present Letsatsi Healing space, offers the following programmes.

1. The Validation programme 

(Depending on availability and resources, these sessions can be offered on a pro bono basis)

Your pain is valid.

Speaking out against GBV is never easy, and as history has dictated, many victims/survivors choose not to speak out for their reasons. This program is for those who have lived with the hidden trauma and wish to find a space to speak out, have somebody listen and believe them and try and find mechanisms to help them cope. 

The sessions offer a safe and confidential space. The sessions include guidance and counselling. The applicant will receive breathing and relaxation methods and mechanisms to cope through the trauma and PTSD. Included in this package are dietary suggestions as well as lifestyle changes to cope with the added trauma. 

Additional services in this programme include:

  • Assistance with opening a protection order.
  • Finding a lawyer (pro bono or paid)
  • Finding a safe house or shelter
  • Referral to institutions that can provide more intensive psychiatric advice and support. 

2. The Discovery programme

The Discovery programme offers intensive, high-impact coaching interventions. This programme is for steering the client towards higher value in the workplace, assist is start-up businesses or if the person has faced a period in their life when they require a complete change in career or work. The aim is to discover your hidden talents and skills to succeed in their work and career.

The programme’s duration is 12 to 16 weeks, with a check-in every quarter, thereafter for up to a year.

The programme is suitable for professionals, filmmakers or entertainment proprietors seeking a comprehensive programme to address their most pressing issues. 

3.Feel the sun again.

Designed for humans who have suffered any form of GBV or PTSD and need to change careers or work environments. In many cases after trauma, individuals struggle to cope in their work environments, especially if the trauma took place at work. The fact is, everybody reacts differently to trauma. The entertainment industry does not have concrete approaches to sexual harassment and abuse at work. South African labour laws do not support independent contractors or freelancers. In previous cases, victims/survivors have to work with their perpetrators.  Some businesses choose to overlook or not report sexual harassment and misconduct. 

The program takes place in approximately five stages.

  1. Creates a safe space for the client to identify their trauma and then find ways of healing.
  2. Find mechanisms that help one cope with the pain.
  3. Is the work environment, a safe space to continue the healing or is it triggering? The client will identify the triggers and then seek to find realistic short term and long term solutions. 
  4. The stage will be dependent if the client wishes to find a new job or career or find new ways of working that fall in line with the healing methods.
  5. This stage is optional, should the applicant wish to go the legal route in opening a case against their perpetrator. 

Due to Covid-19 regulations, the programmes are only amiable online via Zoom or Skype conference calls. 

Who is Rosie Motene?

Rosie Motene is a Queer Pan African Media proprietor, who holds a Bachelor of Arts in Dramatic Arts (Honours) from the University of the Witwatersrand. 

Rosie operates as a Queer feminist author, activist, speaker voice over artist and a Pan African entertainment manager. 

She founded the first Pan African talent agency, Waka Talent agency.

Her career has extended for over 25 years, an award-winning actor, TV and radio presenter, TV and film producer.

Rosie is an accredited international laughter and life coach. 

The official website is

Waka Talent agency website is


WIts- University of the Witwatersrand BADA – Bachelor of Dramatic Arts                                 1994 to 1998
POWA- People Opposing Women AbuseRosie completed the three month intensive training course to equip her on the following: Counselling Public awareness and training volunteer Activism Court preparation2003
Multichoice The Producer and director course 2006
Laughing YogaRosie is an accredited laughing yoga coach2011
NFVF- National film and video foundationProducers course2012
TriFocus academyLife Coaching 2020
UN Women online course I Know Gender Modules 1 to 9  2020
Dr. Karen E Wells- CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited AssociationProfessional Counselling Diploma for Sexual Abuse2020
Dr. Karen E Wells- CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited AssociationFull accredited professional PTSD counselling Diploma 2020
Don KroppCertificate for Providing Trauma informed care 2020

Rosie Motene is a registered trademark under the South African: Trademark Application for ROSIE MOTENE (word mark) + visual representation in class 14 as well as class 16 and 41, physical representation 

and her name.

Contact us

Whatsapp only: +27 81 216 3394


Here are a few pointers, should you need to open a case at a South African police station.

13 Jan

Some pointers to remember at the police station.

1. They will question why you want to open the case. Stand firm in that you deserve justice.

2. They will ask why you took so long to report- that is not their concern. You have found the strength.

3. If it is in another province, they will tell you that the case should be opened in the province where the crime took place. The fact is, they can assist and then transfer the file to that province. 

4. They will try and act as mediators and want to call the perpetrators to reach an agreement, their jobs are not as counsellors and therefore have to open the case.

5. They will try and blame you for the crime- take their name and tell them they have no right 

6. The might laugh at you, try not to let their ignorance get to you.

7. If the alleged perpetrator has a public status, they will try and intimidate you by saying that you will never win- don’t let that get to you. 

8. Take a pen with you, as they might say they don’t have any stationary and cannot help you.

9. Write up your affidavit at home, so that all the facts are written and coherent. Thank you to The Wise Collective for this pointer. It helped me. On arrival, hand it over to the police and tell them to write it word for word. 

10. Check the affidavit thoroughly. Take your time.

11. Take a picture of the affidavit as well as the police officer and their badge. Note the date and time and get their contact details so if they don’t text the case number, you can call them.

12. If it’s a case of rape, do not bathe or wash. If the perpetrator touched anything, leave the evidence for the police. If you are going to the police station with actual evidence, use a rubber glove or cover your hand in plastics, so that your fingerprints are not left.

13. You deserve dignity and medical attention. No police have the right to tell you are lying or that you should go and sort it out with the perpetrator.

14. Your pain is valid.

For counselling, support or life coaching contact us