Here are a few pointers, should you need to open a case at a South African police station.

13 Jan

Some pointers to remember at the police station.

1. They will question why you want to open the case. Stand firm in that you deserve justice.

2. They will ask why you took so long to report- that is not their concern. You have found the strength.

3. If it is in another province, they will tell you that the case should be opened in the province where the crime took place. The fact is, they can assist and then transfer the file to that province. 

4. They will try and act as mediators and want to call the perpetrators to reach an agreement, their jobs are not as counsellors and therefore have to open the case.

5. They will try and blame you for the crime- take their name and tell them they have no right 

6. The might laugh at you, try not to let their ignorance get to you.

7. If the alleged perpetrator has a public status, they will try and intimidate you by saying that you will never win- don’t let that get to you. 

8. Take a pen with you, as they might say they don’t have any stationary and cannot help you.

9. Write up your affidavit at home, so that all the facts are written and coherent. Thank you to The Wise Collective for this pointer. It helped me. On arrival, hand it over to the police and tell them to write it word for word. 

10. Check the affidavit thoroughly. Take your time.

11. Take a picture of the affidavit as well as the police officer and their badge. Note the date and time and get their contact details so if they don’t text the case number, you can call them.

12. If it’s a case of rape, do not bathe or wash. If the perpetrator touched anything, leave the evidence for the police. If you are going to the police station with actual evidence, use a rubber glove or cover your hand in plastics, so that your fingerprints are not left.

13. You deserve dignity and medical attention. No police have the right to tell you are lying or that you should go and sort it out with the perpetrator.

14. Your pain is valid.

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One Response to “Here are a few pointers, should you need to open a case at a South African police station.”

  1. Mncedisi January 13, 2021 at 11:31 am #

    Money and who you know determines the rights you have. Saps are poorly trained & are just insensitive to the suffering of black people.
    Go there knowing your rights infuriates them to not assist you but with money you can go with a lawyer or if you are fortunate you might get a person on radio to help you call the bosses but for the most of us its best to just bottle it & forget it ever happened (whatever the violation)

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