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POWA Gala dinner

5 Nov

POWA Gala dinner.


POWA Gala dinner

5 Nov

POWA Gala dinner

George Micheal gives to POWA.

The POWA One More Cry Campaign: Gala Dinner

Date: 25 November 2013

Venue: The Venue @ Melrose Arch

Cost : R850.


Al proceeds go to POWA:

. Established in 1979, POWA is a non-profit women’s rights organisation providing shelter services for victims of abuse (and their children where relevant), and quality woman-centred legal service. POWA also engages in National and Regional advocacy for the protection and promotion of women’s rights and advocates for legal reform, e.g. parliamentary law reform and strategic litigation.

Press release: Call to SA dance community.

1 Nov



Described as the “biggest mass action in human history,” One Billion Rising started off as a call to action campaign motivated by the bewildering statistic that one in three women on the planet will be violently physically or sexually violated in her lifetime.  14 February 2013 saw over 10 000 events going live over 48 hours across the globe as one billion activists from 207 countries danced and rose together to end injustices against women and girls. The marker has been set for February 2014 as women, men and youth the world over have been called upon to take a stand and rise against injustice. The impetus based on the success of this year’s campaign has been growing steadily with more than 100 countries already signed on to Rise. Award-winning playwright and founder of V-Day and the One Billion Rising Movement, Eve Ensler states that “We are rising and dancing with our bodies, to end the violations towards our bodies and the body of the earth.”




The 2014 campaign is in the throes of planning and discussions and South Africa will not be excluded from this world-altering movement:


Leaders in the dance industry in South Africa, choreographers David Matamela and Quintus Jansen, both of whom are recognized for their dance pieces created for television, corporate shows and local theatre, are putting even greater purpose to their talents by rising for justice and using the powerful medium of the creative space to put together an interactive dance piece that will be South Africa’s contribution to V-Day 2014. David Matamela’s repertoire includes being a Judge on the first two seasons on So You Think You Can Dance SA, resident choreographer for the Lion King and African Footprint. Quintus Jansen is a respected internationally qualified adjudicator, choreographer for Strictly Come Dancing, So You Think You Can Dance SA, Dans Dans Dans and Superdance.


The Call to the DANCE Community in South Africa: the campaign sees a four phase rollout.


1.     The call to choreographers and dancers to submit their expression of justice, in the form of a dance move or dance moves. All video submissions must be completed by no later than 15 November 2013.


2.     After screening by the OBRSA team, videos will be uploaded on multiple social media platforms for all to view. Dance activations at universities, schools, youth centres and various other strategic sites commence on 15 November 2013.


3.     By 15 January 2014, David Matamela and Quintus Jansen will have created a unique OBRSA dance piece which incorporates some of the dance moves that the public will have submitted.


4.     14 Febrauary 2014, all South Africans “RISE” along with the rest of the world, performing the uniquely South African dance piece en masse.


Leo Tolstoy stated that “everyone thinks about changing the world, but no one thinks about changing himself.” This is precisely what One Billion Rising advocates; every individual taking responsibility for their actions…every individual being committed to ending violence against women and children. As plans commence their role-out across the globe, certain thrilling examples have already come to light.


Change is certainly on the horizon and the world is rising against violence against women and children. The question is, will you? British-born philosopher Allan Watts says it best: “The only way to make sense out of change is to plunge into it, move with it, and join the dance.” For more information on One Billion Rising South Africa:


Rosie Motene:


 email: rosie@vday,org