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Slim slam dunks in Phokeng.

22 Oct

Slim the gift of givers.

This past weekend was an incredibly proud and beautiful experience for me, as my client Jerome a.k.a Slim Du Plooy traveled through to Phokeng. ​He was booked through The JR NBA to emcee an event and we participated in a number of accompanying events. Prior to the event​, ​I organised a special surprise for a few scholars at one of the local schools in Phokeng.

My Bafokeng pride:
I was born to The Bafokeng nation, my family​ originates​​ from a small village called Phokeng. Prior to my birth, my mother was a domestic​ worker for a white Jewish​ family, they were based in Johannesburg​. After my birth​, I traveled​ to Johannesburg where I lived with my mother. After a few months of living there, her employers took it upon themselves to raise me as their own. The arrangement brought about great opportunities for me but also many sacrifices as I was not brought up to know my tradition and customs and therefore did not grow up in Phokeng. Fast forward to forty years later, after completing my autobiography, Reclaiming the Soil. My book took over a decade to write as it took me through a process of trying to find myself, reclaim and understand my African identity and reclaim my African pride. Part of my journey and new life choices is to get involved in uplifting and empowering my community of Phokeng. I have participated in a number of events and project with Matale Secondary school.

So when Jerome Du Plooy a.k.a Slim called me to tell me that he was buying​ shoes for scholars and that he wanted to hand them​ over to a school I automatically thought of Matale Secondary School. I contacted the principal and we set up the logistics for the handover. Handing over the shoes was a great idea but it is important for scholars to hear from other about the stages of success. As Slim started his life living way below the poverty line, he speaks from a place of inspiration and empowerment. He shares his​ journey and celebrates himself. He is blatantly honest when it comes to teenage pregnancy and is very passionate about teaching the youth that there is a time for people to have children and that focusing on education is key.

Who is Slim?
Jerome Du Plooy a.k.a Slim a revered emcee and motivational speaker. Slim grew up on the dusty streets of Kliptown, where​ he stayed in a one-roomed​ shack with his single mum. For nearly two decades he only knew of a life of poverty where he was used to living without electricity and running water. On the streets,​ he was taunted to join the fast and dangerous life of drugs and gangs. At some point,​ he chose that life and joined a gang who were involved in drug dealing​ and crime. Through the grace of God, he pulled himself out of a gang whilst on a drug run. It was through assistance from the NBA and Boston City Campus he was awarded two bursaries and studied towards his future.

Slim is now an accomplished actor, after featuring as a supporting role in Generations, Rhythm City, ​and Hope. Through​ the NBA, Slim has travelled across Africa and all the way to NYC as an emcee for the global sporting brand.

A few years back he founded The Slim Cares Foundation, through the foundation he wants to uplift and empower underprivileged​ children​. The foundation aims to ensure that these youth will have the same opportunities as those who come from welathy and privledged backgrounds. The foundation aims at providing basic and necessary tools and items for these youth, such as school​ shoes, advice, food, ​and clothes.

Slim Care Foundation.jpg

He has emceed a number of sporting events and this year he was hired again by NBA to host the League Finals through the JR NBA.

What is JR NBA?
The Jr. NBA is the official youth basketball participation program of the NBA. The Jr. NBA includes a free, membership-based program for existing youth basketball leagues/organizations. The membership is to help encourage and support youth basketball participation at the grassroots level and improve the overall youth basketball experience for all participants. The Jr. NBA aims to develop a lifelong passion for the game of basketball in boys and girls ages 6-14 by teaching them the fundamentals of the sport while instilling core values including teamwork, respect, ​and sportsmanship.

The shoes handover:

On the day of the handover, Slim was accompanied by his two friends and brothers form the Basketball world, Thabo and Junior.
Thabo Marotola is form Hoops 4 Hope and Mmoloke Junior is the head coach from Royal Bafokeng Sports and operates​ from theRoyal​l Bafokeng Palace.


Hoops 4 Hope provides the skills and support young people need to play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued with poverty, crime, and the HIV epidemic. Their dedicated team of MVP volunteers and All-Star​ staff are on the ground and help achieve long-lasting community benefits

All three gentleman shared their views on success, laughter, ​and entitlement. These uplifting words were well received by the learners present, the videos can be found via the Waka Agency Youtube channel:
Shoes Handover at Matale secondary School.

Thabo from RBS

Slim talking at Matale Secondary school

For more information or bookings from Slim or if you would like to get involved with the Slim cares Foundation, please do contact us:

Passion driven Slam dunks: The Jerome Du Plooy story.

30 Oct


It was 2012, I received a call from young man who automatically called me Aunty Rosie. He said this is Jerome, your nephew, please could you come by and give some advice on m TV work. As I have said many times before, I believe that people come into our lives for a reason and if the timing is right, a great synergy can be created. As I listened to this voice on the other end of the phone, I heard a voice of an eager young man, I knew that this was a relationship to be cemented. I immediately obliged. On meeting up I was energised by the passion and ambition that exploded from this amazing young man. He was incredibly polite, respectful and determined, qualities that still live in him today. From that day on, I knew that as much as I could provide advice and wisdom on his career, Jerome was sent to me to teach me a few lessons. The lessons being humility, respect and living a life full of passion.

Who is Jerome Du Plooy, a.k.a SLIM?

Val Sham Photography054.jpg

Slim, as he is commonly called, grew up in Kliptown, Soweto. Slim and his single mom lived without electricity for around 16 years and faced many trials and tribulations, but the light was never switched off on Du Plooy’s aspirations.
“When you come up the way I came up, you’re tempted by a lot of things,” Slim says, explaining the difficulties and challenges he faced growing up. “You’re surrounded by people who sell drugs, you’re surrounded by poverty and you have to decide what you want to do, if you want to be different, and I chose to be different… You’ve got to keep positive and follow positive people; that way you avoid all of the negativity going around.”
Slim remained dedicated to his schooling and completed high school with good marks. On growing up, he said he was fortunate to be raised in a home instilled with discipline and he never got involved in unlawful things in his neighbourhood.He decided to stay indoors and surrounded himself with positive thinkers at his church and to keep the focus.
In 2006 he was selected to represent South Africa in an after-school programme called City Year. He was then chosen to go to the global City Years’ CCG Conference in New York.
That was when his inspiration for bringing change and giving back to the community
He said that ever since he was four years old his mum knew that he was going to be an entertainer because he could sing all Michael Jackson songs. “Art gives me freedom it makes me invincible,”
While still at school (Klipspruit West Secondary in Soweto), he attended the Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY) after-school program sponsored by the NBA (American National Basketball Association) and took up basketball. As a member of Soweto Kliptown Youth (SKY), a non-governmental organisation that provides an array of services and support to neighbourhood children, Slim caught the attention of NBA Africa while playing basketball for the SKY basketball team. “The NBA saw something in me and ever since then they’ve adopted me,” he says. He loved playing basketball and talking about basketball – it was the beginning of a great passion. Great things followed: the NBA took him on a trip to America and sponsored his academic studies at Boston Media House in Johannesburg. In 2009, he graduated with a Boston diploma in media, majoring in radio broadcasting. Shortly thereafter, he was offered a presenting job at Eldoz FM, after being mentored by Kieno Kammies. Basketball opened up the world for Slim, and now he is using what he has learned and earned to help other children out of a world of poverty and deprivation in the south of Joburg.

Today, ‘Slim’ du Plooy is a sought-after MC, actor, radio and television personality as well as a motivational speaker and a brand ambassador for Nike SA. He has represented South Africa on the global basketball development and scouting programme run by NBA, the Basketball Without Borders programme, where he rubbed shoulders with some of the biggest names in basketball, such as Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving and Caron Butler.
“I keep telling young people what I often tell myself: don’t limit yourself, think big,”
“If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect other people to believe in you?
Despite a busy schedule, Slim makes time to mentor youth and play his part in ensuring that youth from underprivileged backgrounds don’t have to struggle the way he did.
“I have always wanted to give back but I had to wait until such a time that I was in the position to do so. I was one of the few who made it, and when you make it, you make it for all of us,” he says.

Slim Cares.
In 2011, he started his Slim Cares organisation through which he has made a difference to the lives of a number of youngsters in Soweto. He has, for example, partnered with organisations such as Boston City Campus and the Sunday School Foundation to provide clothing and study bursaries.
He also started out with ‘100 toys for 100 kids’ and a project called 100 meals for 100 families,”. He was also involved in raising 600 meals and 300 toys for the less fortunate in his neighbourhood.He says people lived on borrowed time and therefore it is difficult to tell where he will be in ten or 20 years from now.
“Slim Care endeavours to empower youngsters who will make their families proud. I despise a person who was proactive in school but ends up as a begger because of sheer laziness,” says Slim. He looks to play his part in ensuring that youth from underprivileged backgrounds don’t have to struggle the way he did. Since founding the initiative he has fed and clothed hundreds of children living in the south of Johannesburg. Slim Cares has partnered with a number of different organisations, such as Boston City Campus and the Sunday School Foundation on its initiatives.
He advises people “to declare ‘good things are going to happen today and that you are a success’. As the saying goes: The tallest tree catches the strongest wind”.
“Giving back is key,” says Du Plooy. “You have to be a blessing to others. I don’t give back because I have much, but because I know what it’s like growing up with nothing. I didn’t want these kids to grow up this way, which is why I started Slim Cares, which was inspired by the NBA.”


He has represented South Africa on the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders programme, where he rubbed shoulder with some of the biggest names in basketball, such as Dwight Howard, Kyrie Irving and Carmelo Anthony. Basketball Without Borders is the global basketball development and scouting programme run by NBA and FIBA. It has reached more than 1 700 players from more than 120 countries, and 28 of the programme players have been drafted into the NBA.
Du Plooy was the MC at the NBA All-Star Jam Session at the Orange County Convention Centre in Orlando, in the United States in February 2012 and has featured on the annual Basketball Without Borders programmes in Africa since 2009. He says: ”Seeing guys like Dwight Howard and Kyrie Irving going out of their way to help people less fortunate than them is part of the reason why I strive to be better.”
On experience at AL Star NBA:
I enjoyed rocking with JJ on the mic who works for the Box 97.9 in Houston. One day I hope me and her could rock a centre court event together because of the chemistry we had. Met great DJ’s like the DJ Supastar, DJ Irie as well as a brother and friend Freestyle Steve who is Timbaland’s official DJ. I was honoured to meet some All Stars like Kyrie Irving, Swinn Cash, Chris Bosh, Dwight Howard and Luol Deng who is like a brother and close friend.
Slim and NBA Commissioner, David Stern
To describe the All Star Game is almost impossible as the experience in itself was so surreal! I spotted Jay and Bey court side and also managed to catch a glimpse of Diddy, Usain Bolt and even 2 Chainz showed up to the game. Ne-Yo and Alicia Keys delivered killer performances!The feedback I received from the crowd was amazing. They really loved what I did at Jam Session and want to take in everything this opportunity made possible and continue to work hard so that next year, hopefully, I could go back to New Orleans and New York after that (if I’m lucky).

Slim and power forward-center for the Miami Heat, Chris Bosh

I was blessed to be part of the experience in Orlando, Florida last year (2012) and being called up to MC for a second year was an absolute privilege. Jam session is this amazing experience that gives fans the opportunity to experience what would actually happen during the All Star Weekend; events like the Taco Bell Skills challenge and the centre court events. All Stars would show up and fans would have the chance to get autographs as well as pictures with their favourite players. A highlight that comes to mind is that Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks happened to cook on the sport court, one of the courts I was an MC on! The Houston Rockets Power Dancers and Texas Legends Dancers were also on those very courts.

Slim and LA Lakers’ Dwight Howard

Slim and NBA small forward for the Chicago Bulls, Lloul Deng

Overall, Houston was a great place to be working in and the hotel in which I was living in was more like an apartment than a hotel 🙂 The Residence Inn Hotel Downtown was good to me. I was also privileged to make a speech at the Rotary which does a lot of great work internationally .If you ever have enough money I would encourage you to save up and head out to All Star Weekend. You will not regret it!

Slim and Swin Cash, WNBA player for the Chicago Sky

His on Screen work includes:
Rhythm City where he played Twakkie
He had an entertainment slot on YFM
He also appeared in a Disprin advert; hence the nickname ‘Headache Man’.
He hosted the Basketball Show on SABC1.

Passion driven life!
When speaking to him on passion and purpose, his response was: Turning your passion into a career is no big deal when you know how to do it. Problem is, not many of us know how to do it.
Passion tips from Slim
Choose one thing that you love and at which you excel. Passion needs to be backed by ability and talent.
Get started, no matter how small a step, take it so you can start heading in the right direction.
Make sure you study, because skills and knowledge increase your chances of success
Choose a motto for yourself; Slim stands for Success Lies In Me.
Don’t limit yourself, dream big.
Network non-stop. Let people know about your dreams and aspirations so they can help you reach them.
Look for opportunities in unexpected places because one thing may lead to another great thing. With a media diploma, you can for example become 1) the public relations officer for a sports company or a sports team or club; 2) events organizer for a sport organization/ club or work for yourself; 3) a sports writer for a media or sports activation company; 4) a sports commentator for radio and TV.
Always be and do good to others.
Being humble takes you the extra mile – Just believe
“The neighbourhood has nothing to do with influencing you but certain people living in it. If you are weak you will fall prey to these unscrupulous people,” said Du Plooy.

He has been involved in various programmes such as hosting the NBA All Star weekend for the last four years which was held in Orlando in 2012; in 2013 it was held Houston, 2014 in New Orleans and 2015 in New York.

His concluding quote:
“ Life is short but I know that God holds a bright future and something good for me and every person who is reading this.
You can make plans but the Big Man directs your actions,”

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