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Slim slam dunks in Phokeng.

22 Oct

Slim the gift of givers.

This past weekend was an incredibly proud and beautiful experience for me, as my client Jerome a.k.a Slim Du Plooy traveled through to Phokeng. ​He was booked through The JR NBA to emcee an event and we participated in a number of accompanying events. Prior to the event​, ​I organised a special surprise for a few scholars at one of the local schools in Phokeng.

My Bafokeng pride:
I was born to The Bafokeng nation, my family​ originates​​ from a small village called Phokeng. Prior to my birth, my mother was a domestic​ worker for a white Jewish​ family, they were based in Johannesburg​. After my birth​, I traveled​ to Johannesburg where I lived with my mother. After a few months of living there, her employers took it upon themselves to raise me as their own. The arrangement brought about great opportunities for me but also many sacrifices as I was not brought up to know my tradition and customs and therefore did not grow up in Phokeng. Fast forward to forty years later, after completing my autobiography, Reclaiming the Soil. My book took over a decade to write as it took me through a process of trying to find myself, reclaim and understand my African identity and reclaim my African pride. Part of my journey and new life choices is to get involved in uplifting and empowering my community of Phokeng. I have participated in a number of events and project with Matale Secondary school.

So when Jerome Du Plooy a.k.a Slim called me to tell me that he was buying​ shoes for scholars and that he wanted to hand them​ over to a school I automatically thought of Matale Secondary School. I contacted the principal and we set up the logistics for the handover. Handing over the shoes was a great idea but it is important for scholars to hear from other about the stages of success. As Slim started his life living way below the poverty line, he speaks from a place of inspiration and empowerment. He shares his​ journey and celebrates himself. He is blatantly honest when it comes to teenage pregnancy and is very passionate about teaching the youth that there is a time for people to have children and that focusing on education is key.

Who is Slim?
Jerome Du Plooy a.k.a Slim a revered emcee and motivational speaker. Slim grew up on the dusty streets of Kliptown, where​ he stayed in a one-roomed​ shack with his single mum. For nearly two decades he only knew of a life of poverty where he was used to living without electricity and running water. On the streets,​ he was taunted to join the fast and dangerous life of drugs and gangs. At some point,​ he chose that life and joined a gang who were involved in drug dealing​ and crime. Through the grace of God, he pulled himself out of a gang whilst on a drug run. It was through assistance from the NBA and Boston City Campus he was awarded two bursaries and studied towards his future.

Slim is now an accomplished actor, after featuring as a supporting role in Generations, Rhythm City, ​and Hope. Through​ the NBA, Slim has travelled across Africa and all the way to NYC as an emcee for the global sporting brand.

A few years back he founded The Slim Cares Foundation, through the foundation he wants to uplift and empower underprivileged​ children​. The foundation aims to ensure that these youth will have the same opportunities as those who come from welathy and privledged backgrounds. The foundation aims at providing basic and necessary tools and items for these youth, such as school​ shoes, advice, food, ​and clothes.

Slim Care Foundation.jpg

He has emceed a number of sporting events and this year he was hired again by NBA to host the League Finals through the JR NBA.

What is JR NBA?
The Jr. NBA is the official youth basketball participation program of the NBA. The Jr. NBA includes a free, membership-based program for existing youth basketball leagues/organizations. The membership is to help encourage and support youth basketball participation at the grassroots level and improve the overall youth basketball experience for all participants. The Jr. NBA aims to develop a lifelong passion for the game of basketball in boys and girls ages 6-14 by teaching them the fundamentals of the sport while instilling core values including teamwork, respect, ​and sportsmanship.

The shoes handover:

On the day of the handover, Slim was accompanied by his two friends and brothers form the Basketball world, Thabo and Junior.
Thabo Marotola is form Hoops 4 Hope and Mmoloke Junior is the head coach from Royal Bafokeng Sports and operates​ from theRoyal​l Bafokeng Palace.


Hoops 4 Hope provides the skills and support young people need to play team sports and face the many challenges of growing up in communities plagued with poverty, crime, and the HIV epidemic. Their dedicated team of MVP volunteers and All-Star​ staff are on the ground and help achieve long-lasting community benefits

All three gentleman shared their views on success, laughter, ​and entitlement. These uplifting words were well received by the learners present, the videos can be found via the Waka Agency Youtube channel:
Shoes Handover at Matale secondary School.

Thabo from RBS

Slim talking at Matale Secondary school

For more information or bookings from Slim or if you would like to get involved with the Slim cares Foundation, please do contact us: