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Unleashing Africa’s feminine power

25 Oct

D-Empress: Dianne Regisford
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The entertainment industry across the world is a great avenue to meet beautifully gifted and free spirited individuals. Like every industry, there are the negatives, I choose to focus on the positive. I met an amazing women many years back, who exuded true African pride, beauty and passion. She embodied it all at a time when myself and many other South Africans had not realised or rather lived our truly African spirit. This powerful force was Dianne Regisford. We had met though mutual friends at various artistic inspired events. Over the past two years, she appeared on my radar through the social media space and once again I was enthralled by her strong energy and powerful stature. We began speaking, and soon we decided to embark on a new partnership.
I am a strong believer that every single person we meet is not by coincidence but for a reason. I believe she has so much wisdom that needs t be unleashed. Wisdom on our feminine power, our souls, or heritage and understanding the strength that lies in the African matriarch.
D-empress, soon became a Waka star representing Jamaica and the African diaspora.

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Dianne Regisford is a Feminine Fyah Priestess, inspirational speaker & Intuitive Energy healer. She is a revered Visual & Performance Artiste
The Artivist:
As an artivist (artist-activist), Dianne is particularly interested in creating spaces for sensory engagement, storytelling and encounter.

Her current collections include; Evoking Belonging & The Venus Sensorium: Imbibing Hersto-Rhetoric and other musings…
Both collections, currently in development, are multi-media assemblage of paintings, poetry and spoken word performance, offered as provocations to act.
D-Empress was a participating artist at the world’s leading contemporary art platform for African art, the Dakar Biennale in 2014. She has also exhibited in France & the UK, and has performed in South Africa, Ethiopia, France, Malta and the UK.

D-Empress merges artistry with Kahuna Lomi Lomi – a transformative energy bodywork practice. Trained in the ancient Kahuna Temple Lomi Lomi style indigenous to the Polynesian Islands, Dianne, a practicing healer, visions all of her oeuvres as offerings for healing. Lomi lomi is the word used today to mean “massage therapist” or “Hawaiian massage.” Traditionally in ancient Hawaii lomilomi was practiced in four contexts:

1. As a healing practice of native healers — kahuna lāʻau lapaʻau (healers) and kahuna hāhā (diagnosticians)
2. As a luxury and an aid to digestion, especially by the ruling chiefs (aliʻi)
3. As restorative massage within the family
4. By ʻōlohe lua (masters of the Hawaiian martial arts)

I was privileged to experience a session by D-empress. The experience was truly magical for me. I felt so relaxed and at peace during the massage It really released some long held fatigue and I felt so energized afterwards. I felt like I was surrounded by love and felt pampered beyond words. I walked out feeling like my whole body was on a cloud. I would highly recommend this beautiful journey.


Currently a Social Sculpture PhD researcher and practitioner based at Oxford Brookes University, UK. Entitled, Evoking Belonging, Dianne’s doctoral research explores intersections between the African Bantu philosophy of ubuntu and the cultural imaginary as a dynamic portal to crafting belonging amongst African-Caribbean Diaspora and migrant communities in the context of urban

The Soulfyah Sanctuary: Passion, Purpose, Poetics for Soulful Success

A generative power, healing space for women, their sisters, daughters and mothers, created by D-Empress Dianne Regisford. In the Soulfyah Sanctuary D-Empress inspires, mentors and evokes successful women to cultivate Soulful Success by igniting their Feminine Fyah.

In the Soulfyah Sanctuary, D-Empress offers online & in-person immersive sacred healing journeys to support successful women who yearn to cultivate Soulful Success. Success which embraces their passions, their values, Success which makes a lasting contribution to society and, success which enables impact and legacy.

As a Feminine Fyah Priestess, D-Empress creates sacred healing journey which include heartful teachings, rituals & ceremonies inspired by ancient wisdoms of the African Matriarchal tradition.

An intuitive healer, D-Empress also incorporates immersive hands-on healing treatments in the programmes. These elements combine to create sacred pathways for women: mothers, sisters and daughters as support through modern day rites of passage to live passionate, powerful, purpose-filled lives of legacy.

Watch this space as we plan to create beautiful spaces across the continent for women to indulge in the Soulfyah sanctuary experience.

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