Stop Silencing Us.

8 Feb

Sabrina Walter, I stand in solidarity with you. It is disgusting that you are being punished for supporting those who speak out. 

According to IOL ad Cape Times, Katlego Maboe has lodged a crimen injuria complaint with the police against Women for Change founder Sabrina Walter for alleged defamation.

This is the reality of how patriarchy does not protect those who speak out. 

Women 4 Change is a movement that aims to create safe spaces and support for victims and survivors of gender-based violence. 

 Read the article here:

Women For Change

Women For Change movement was founded by ‘Catch Me If You Can’ to create awareness and raise funds to end Gender-Based Violence in South Africa.

‘As women, we want to stand united to put an end to violence against women and children. Daily we hear news about attacks, women, and children being violated in many ways: in their homes, on the streets, and places of education. Even being outdoors in nature harbors a potential threat’.

Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can (CMIYC) is South Africa’s largest all-women running community that connects ladies of all ages, shapes, and sizes. They have helped thousands of women connect and build lasting friendships whilst improving their health, fitness, and lifestyles.

They run all over South Africa, allowing one to discover their area’s most beautiful routes and races. They offer safety in numbers and a chance to get out and have some fun with their leaders.

Sign the petition:

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