Masingita Masunga.

27 Aug

It is great to write about a beautiful and powerful story, as the year 2020 will be known as a period of uncertainty and readjustments. My three passions in life are womxn, Africa, and the arts and in this blog, I to salute another mighty warrior, Masingita Masunga.

I met Masingita, in around 2002/2003 when I was still on Generations. At that time, she was the chief executive officer of the Miss Confidence Beauty Pageant, the only beauty pageant for people with physical disabilities. She asked me to sit as one of the judges, at her event at the Carlton Centre. From that day, I have been in awe of her brilliance, resilience, and agency. 

Masingita is one of those lights that do not need to exert themselves; their aura represents who they are when they enter the door.

Over the years, Masingita has become a household name through her TV show “Masingita With Confidence”. She is an established motivational and inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, producer, TV director, and philanthropist.

I respect her outlook on life and how we handle our circumstances. A few days ago, we shared a speaking platform, hosted by The Vodacom Foundation, and before the event began, we were able to catch up on life. She made laugh as we spoke about the Covai-19, and I shared my story, and in her true fashion, she flipped the narrative and made me see things from a positive perspective. She said, ‘Hau, Rosie, you have survived so much more, climbed Kilimanjaro, and you are worried about a virus that nobody can see, you were not going to go out like that’. I truly needed that belly laugh, and as I wiped my eyes of tears, I was happy to be back in her presence. I was ecstatic when during the event The Vodacom Foundations announced that she would be their new and first brand ambassador. This corporate decision is incredibly powerful and revolutionary. I remembered back in 2004, I had nominated her for a style award, as I was a judge at the time. The organiser had questioned me on her style and could not see the fit. As I explained, her ‘style’ was and is multi-faceted. On the outside, she is elegant, sexy, and sophisticated. Her zest for life speaks for itself, she walks the unimaginable paths but takes so many with her, for me, that is beyond any person who can afford a designer outfit. I knew that back then the world was not ready to acknowledge her brilliance and that one day it would arrive. Here she is standing tall and walking through her power. 

Who is Masingita?

Masingita is a Xitsonga name for babies meaning Miracles. She is the founder of MISS CONFIDENCE SA in 1999, the first beauty pageant for women with physical disabilities. She is currently the Managing Director of MASINGITA MASUNGA Media, a company whose business model focuses on several distinct but complementary businesses, operating in television production, exhibitions-conferencing and publishing, thus creating a synergistic business group. “Masingita with confidence show” is a 30 minutes talk production that flights on Soweto TV on the DSTV cable network weekly. The show, narrated in English, Xitsonga, Tshivenda Sesotho and IsiZuluin. The target audience is all members of the community young and old. The show features guests who undertake different life issues which are evident through people’s behaviours and circumstances. It is an inspirational show that helps South Africans find restoration, vision and purpose.

Her accolades include

  • 2004 the Shoprite/Checkers Woman of the year Arts and Culture category, named one of the top ten women in South Africa by the Star newspaper
  • 2005 Nominated for Cosmopolitan Mover of the year and the winner of the Amstel Salute to Success award
  • 2006 She was one of the recipients of The Cosmopolitan Awesome Women award.
  • 2007 Rapport/City Press prestigious Woman winner
  • 2008 Recipient of the Mapungubwe Arts Award
  • 2011 Conducted a 1 hour Tv interview with Dr Miles Munroe who had intentions of working with her and interviewing her on his show.
  • She is as a case study for Project Management and Masters Degree Leadership class at the University of Witwatersrand Business School.
  • Masingita provides the assistance needed by hardworking high achieving young people to access education and creating opportunities for better lives. She provides a variety of support to current recipients including funding of school fees, accommodation, and youth development programs for youth across South Africa, both with physical disabilities and those affected by the pains of a broken society. Her first recipient of a school bursary, Taryn Deckford, has just been accepted at the University of Cape Town to complete a Commerce degree in Accounting. 

The “Walk In My Shoes” initiative

“Walk In My Shoes” is an initiative by Masingita. The aim is to rally society to unite in helping the less fortunate by donating shoes. When referring to her summit up mount Kilimanjaro, she said “to this African child… no mountain is too high for you!”. 

Oh, and did I mention that she is a person living with Cerebral Palsy,  an abnormality in parts of the brain that control muscle movements and permanently affect body movement and muscle coordination, she has been able to beat the odds. Masingita challenged the education system when she failed grade 12 twice because of her handwriting, and from that experience, she became an activist and has dedicated her existence to change the narrative around how we see and don’t see people who live with disabilities. 

Congratulation as she takes on another revolutionary role as the ambassador, and I cannot wait to see the other barriers she breaks and platforms she creates.

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  1. August 27, 2020 at 8:08 am #

    Hi hun, this is great

    Kind Regards Tumi Mphahlele-Ndlovu073 880 Reclaiming the African Rhythm, restoring the African Fire 🔥.

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