Cheryl Zondi: I believe​ you!!

16 Oct

Cheryl Zondi and the many other survivors, I BELIEVE YOU!!!!!

A brave young woman, who had dreams and aspirations of becoming a major gospel artist and to follow the laws of the church. She trusted and respected a man who was meant to mentor and guide her, instead,​​ he stole her innocence​ and​ pushed her life into turmoil and pain. This gross and inhumane individual had and still has the audacity of calling himself​ a ​man of God.

Who is this so-called​ man of God?

Let us​ identify this monster! His name is Timothy Omotoso:
Tim Omotoso (born Timothy Oluseun Omotoso, 14 July 1958) is an​ alleged rapist, televangelist, and the senior pastor of a human trafficking syndicate called Jesus Dominion International, based in Durban, South Africa.​ He is currently awaiting trial at the Port Elizabeth high court for alleged offenses​. He was arrested by the South African priority crimes unit, Hawks, on Thursday, 20 April 2017. Omotoso along with Lusanda Solani and Zukiswa Sitho, face 63 charges including racketeering, contravention of the Sexual Offences Act, human trafficking and rape. Charges against a fourth accused, Nobubele Mlindi, were withdrawn.

His dodgy​ dealing​ with immigration​​n.

Along with these charges, Omotoso’s legality around his passports has been brought to the forefront. Last year, home affairs immigration officer Ivan Classen investigated the legality of Omotoso’s many travel documents. In a previous court appearance, Omotoso declared that he had four passports but according to Classen report he, in fact,​ has six passports.
Classen report:
Classen said Omotoso’s visa could not be confirmed and that South African law obliged Nigerian nationals to enter the country under strict conditions, such as being in possession of a visa, as well as a valid passport.
He said that​ on 18 July 2000, Omotoso traveled​d to Botswana from South Africa and made an application for a work permit at the South African embassy in that country.
“He was granted a work permit that was based on his application stating that he was in South Africa to be employed by Jesus Arena International in Sunnyside, Pretoria, as an overseer and founder member of the church,” said Classen.
“On the same day, he travelled back to South Africa and his permit was not scanned,” said Classen.
He said Omotoso had used the same visa to travel in and out of the country three times, despite its single-entry status.
“He travelled in August 2000, leaving South Africa; he travelled again in October 2000, entering South Africa and lastly departed in June 2001,” said Classen.
He said there was a second passport that granted him temporary residence for a holiday.
“This permit was issued in July 2000 in a Pretoria office,” said Classen.
Classen drew a picture of several South African immigration laws being flouted during Omotoso’s travelling to and staying in South Africa in the past 17 years.
He said Omotoso was granted temporary residency status that could be renewed for a maximum of three years, which he never activated.
“He illegally renewed this document for a period of four years, despite it never being activated,” he said.
“This is in contravention of immigration laws and conditions,” he said.
He said that, according to various laws of immigration, a lot of suspicious activity took place in the various ports of entry where Omotoso entered and left the country.
“There were referrals done on documents that were supposedly in certain pages in his documents, yet the pages referred to are blank and have no previous history,” he said.
Omotoso’s lawyer, Alfonso Hatting, said Omotoso could not be blamed for human error on the part of immigration officers.
He requested that application forms for the last passport be made available to the ​court.

Taken from SABC digital news
The rape trial:
The crimes took place a few years back. Cheryl was young and innocent and went to the​​ church as they claimed they would assist with voice training. Whilst​ there she testifies how she was instructed​ by the older congregants​​s to satisfy the Omotoso beast by having meetings in his bedroom. This is where the molestation and rape began.

Cheryl Zondi has been questioned​​ in court on Monday 15 October 2018.
One of the many reasons why survivors do not go to court is due to the fact that they receive secondary victimisation from the police​ and the again whilst questioned during the trial. This trial is no different. I am still wondering why the trial was allowed to be broadcast. I am in two minds as we empathise with the survivor but we have reached a point where society need to understand what survivors go through in court and perhaps understand why so many choose not to relive their ordeals.

The court proceedings

On Monday 15 October 2018 during cross-examination in court A of the Eastern Cape High Court in Port Elizabeth the following occurred:

Taken from:

Rape accused Timothy Omotoso’s lawyer Peter Daubermann had made several claims implying that Cheryl Zondi, 22, was a willing participant in the rape and molestation she allegedly suffered at the hands of Omotoso. The lawyer said Zondi had options to leave or report what happened to her at the time.

“Why didn’t you tell your mother?” he asked.

“You went back to the safety of your mother’s house. Secunda is many hours away from Durban,” said Daubermann.

Makaula repeatedly objected to Daubermann’s line of questioning.

Zondi, who was allegedly raped by the “man of God” from when she was 14 years old, told Daubermann several times that she was a child when the incidents took place.

‘Why did you not scream?’

“Can’t you work out the exact time?” shouted Daubermann in apparent frustration at Zondi’s failure to remember the dates on which she was raped.

Zondi said she could not remember because she suffered from severe depression and that it had affected her memory.

He asked if she wanted to make an impression on Omotoso when she went to the Durban church.

Daubermann also asked why Zondi did not scream during the sexual attack.

“Didn’t you realise that if you screamed, somebody would hear you.”

“Why did you not scream when he was busy with this act?”

‘You didn’t say anything to anyone’

Zondi responded that she could not think about screaming because she was in shock and almost paralysed by fear.

“You allowed him to continue,” said Daubermann.

Zondi explained that she was scared of opposing him because he was “a man of God”.

“You carried on as if nothing had happened; you didn’t say anything to anyone,” said Daubermann.

Daubermann then asked Zondi how many centimetres into her vagina Omotoso pushed his penis.

Makaula intervened once more and this led to another heated exchange between the two. 

‘You accepted the risk of being raped’

Makaula told Daubermann that if he was unhappy with being reprimanded, he should use his options, as he was permitted to do so by law.

Yet another heated exchange ensued between the two men when Daubermann alluded to Zondi being prepared to be raped when she went back to Durban.

“When you went to Durban you knew that there was a risk of being raped and you accepted the risk of being raped by agreeing to go there again.

“You voluntarily went back,” said Daubermann.

Makaula warned the lawyer again and told him that he would not allow the question to be asked of the witness.

Daubermann argued that the judge was interfering in his defence case.

The court was adjourned. The matter will resume on Tuesday morning. 

SUBSCRIBED 218K Cheryl Zondi broke down during cross-examination at Timothy Omotoso’s rape trial at the Port Elizabeth Magistrates Court. She faced a barrage of tough questions from Omotoso’s lawyer Peter Daubermann. Courtesy #DStv403.

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