African Child Your Time Is Now.

8 Aug


A few months ago, I received a beautiful email stating that I had been nominated for an African Author Award, for my book, Reclaiming The Soil.
My autobiography took over ten years to write and complete, so any acknowledgment is incredibly emotional and hard-hitting. The African Authors Awards​ falls under the banner of the AfriCAN child your child is now (ACYTIN).
AfriCAN child your time is now Pty Ltd (ACYTIN) was established in 2018 by award-winning entrepreneur, author, ​and international speaker Anthea Thyssen-Ambursley. She has been in business for 11 years and after having a son she has decided to focus more on social enterprising and partnerships, to create a sustainable, more added value and impact to the transformation of inequality in South Africa and Africa.
The Vision
To unite, transform and reinvent the future of our continent.
The Mission
–  Through partnerships developing literacy and preserving the culture of storytelling. 

–  Supporting local self-published authors. 

–  Promoting unity by developing a curiosity for different languages and the exploration of 
different cultures across the continent. 

–  Creating a platform for women to develop economic strength and design legacy. 
-  To transform AfriCAN’T mentality to an AfriCAN mindset through innovative problem-solving​. 

–  Ensuring clarity of vision for All AfriCANS. 
“Feed a Mind” Project 
To improve literacy on the continent by creating children authors and promoting African representation in stories. 

–  For every child on the African continent to read and see themselves in books. 
-  Identity, representation, ​and inclusion are needed to transform our children’s mindsets on the 

–  To distribute 1m books and black dolls by 2030 to schools and communities within South 

–  To run annual writing skills workshops for children aged 6-10 years within all the provinces. 

–  To have “Feed a Mind” reading clubs in each province managed by churches, libraries or 
volunteers in the community. 

AfriCAN Authors Awards
To honour children’s authors, self-publishing, “car boot selling” and children authors.
–  Promoting ordinary people’s stories. 

–  Share stories of healing, unity, ​and restoration. 

–  Dismantle superficial boundaries. 

–  Encourage travel and exploration on the continent. 

–  Become an event held annually to be celebrated on the African continent in all countries. 

How can you get involved?
– Be part of the company’s initiative to distribute books and black dolls to children and girls in South Africa and Africa. 

– Become a volunteer, ambassador, patron, partner or angel investor. 

– Pledge a book to an African child per month. 

– Pledge an amount per month to support the​ ​ initiative. 

– Become an ambassador and assist us collecting stories in all 
provinces once a year. 

– Assist us with our workshops for kids across the country. 

Banking details: 

Account name: African child your time is now.

Bank: Standard Bank South Africa

Account nr: 013594176

Account type: Enterprise Autobank Plusplan

Branch code: 012645

Branch: Centurion

International SWIFT address: SBZA ZA JJ
Ref nr: CompanyName or NameSurname

Visit their website today: or e-mail us at​
We invite you to help build our children creating their own future!

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