The Native Child

29 Jun


On Wednesday evening I was invited to participate on a panel, titled: Identity vs persona. The panel was hosted by Sonto Pooe. The other panellists included Nonhle Thema and Nomzamo Zamo Dlamini.
We spoke on the importance of knowing one’s identity, the personas that some people put out on their social​ media pages. We also tapped into the entertainment industry and of course, I pushed the relity of sexual harraamnet and what our rights are.

The chat was broadcast live on our social media pages and it took place at the premises of NativeChild company, which is run by Sonto Pooe. I was really happy to see that more and more people are opting for natural beauty products and when I discovered that the business was the brainchild of a powerful​ black woman, I​ had to share her journey.


Who is Sonto Pooe?

Sonto is the CEO and founder and has served as a council member for the Society Cosmetic chemists of South Africa in 2007 and served on the education committee for 4.5 years (2007 -2011).
Sonto is one of the few South African women taking the hair care manufacturing industry by storm. She started doing her own hair since she was eight years old. This after the lady who used to do her hair plaited it so tight that she couldn’t sleep for a few days. She vowed to start doing her own hair.
“My first attempt led to me being mocked at school. But, I continued plaiting because I didn’t want anyone touching my hair. Over the years, I got better at plaiting, but struggled to find products that strictly catered for my natural hair,” she says.
This challenge motivated her to develop NativeChild, a natural hair and body care range. She named her business NativeChild to represent who she is – a proudly African woman with strong roots.
“Most of the natural products I found contained chemicals, and this frustrated me. So, I decided to locally develop and manufacture my own products. As a black woman, it was important for me to develop products that cater for our skin and hair type,” says Pooe.
In​ the beginning, finding a team that understood her vision was difficult. But through trial and error, she finally found supportive staff members.
“The fact that there are many natural products on the market can be challenging, but I have managed to keep moving forward. This is because I also educate my customers about which products will work best for their individual needs.”

The brand.
Native child is a natural hair & body care brand, created for the needs of women of colour. They are passionate about both hair & health. They have developed & locally manufactured a natural-based hair care system specifically formulated for the needs of  Afro, Kinky, Ethnic type hair. 

Why the need:
Ethnic hair is very fragile & dry by nature compared to other hair types and achieving optimal moisture & hair growth has always a challenge..until now.
They strongly​ believe that mother nature is far superior to​ man made alternatives. They only use plant based, natural, safe, sustainable ingredients of the finest grade in the production of their products and where possible the make use of food grade oils. Their products do not contain any harsh chemicals, sulphates, paraben or petroleum and are animal cruelty-FREE.

The company’s core focus is on providing customers with effective products that do not contribute to toxicity in the body. The products are designed to assist hair growth, restore moisture whilst reducing breakage and provide all the nourishment & minerals that your hair needs to grow and thrive.
Their contact​ details are as follows:

Unit 9, Bergzicht Office Park
3 Rooibok Street
Allensnek, 1709
Tel: 011 475 0551

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