26 May



Over the last few months, there has been an explosion of sexual harassment claims against men in the South African film industry. These claims have shocked many but for most, we are happy that they have come to the forefront. Too many women have suffered in one way or another and these incidents have been overlooked, their claims have been undermined or scoffed at, in most cases, they have been accused of lying. These responses are very normal as we have been living in a patriarchal​ society that is run by men who feel that they have the right to police women’s​ bodies, thoughts​, ​ and ideology. Fortunately​, there is​​ a​ new shift that is happening. For years, we have have had activists and soldiers fighting these ideas, but with very little support. As our voices can no longer be silenced, society is now being forced to listen, see and feel the shift and adapt to the change.

There has been the revolutionary support of many filmmakers​, both male and female. Like in most cases, there are always those individuals who make excuse for the perpetrators. In the cases of men doing so, I always feel they are just protecting them as they have known and possibly guilty of the same crimes. In the case of women supporting them or making excuses, I suppose I can say that it just proves just how much patriarchal ideals have been ingrained into our being and ideology. That is another conversation for another day.

My activism journey began​ with POWA, ​where​r I did my training and learned​ all I​ needed to know about the different type​es of abuse, what to do and what our rights are. At that time, there were no organisations​ that protected women within the industry. Fortunately,​ that has changed. I have been working with an established organisation called SWIFT- Sisters working in the film and TV.


Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) is a fresh and energetic non-profit. Birthed when a group of South African women making films and television came together to discuss the needs of women, it is now the only South African organisation focusing exclusively on the common concerns and shared experiences of women working in film and television. As we work towards engaging, developing and advocating women​, SWIFT has fast become a hub of support, empowerment, ​and inspiration. Currently SWIFT has chapters in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. www.swift.org.za

IN 2017 SWIFT conducted a survey on sexual harassment in the film and TV industry.
Besides other disturbing revelations, the survey indicated that over 66.7% of women in film & TV feel unsafe at work.

And thus, #ThatsNotOK was born.

The Campaign.

SWIFT has created a VIDEO campaign of very short films inspired​ by real-life incidents of sexual harassment​.​

To let women in the industry recognize​ “what harassment is”
To let them know that they are “not alone” or “imagining harassment”
To let men/women recognise that their “harassing behaviour is NOT OK”.

The more our sisters in the industry are ignited by this campaign, the faster this epidemic can be addressed and eradicated.

There are three activations taking place in Johannesburg​, Durban and Cape Town respectively​​y.

In Johannesburg​g:
On Wednesday 30 May 2018, is the Media Launch of the 6 Videos.
The venue:
Atlas studios
33 Frost Ave, Braamfontein Werf, Johannesburg, 2092

On Wednesday 30 May 2018, is the Media Launch of the 6 Videos.

In Cape Town:
There will be a Sexual Harassment​ support group and information session. This is for womxn only and will be closed off to press and social media. This is safe space for Womxn to talk, share their experiences​ and work on resolutions.


Thursday 31st of
May is the official launch day of the campaign.

What can be done:
As a collective,​ we are looking to paint Facebook Black and Blue by every entertainment professional changing their FaceBook Covers to our #thatsnotok hashtag image.

Posts will be going out from the ambassadors, and celebrities featured in the films from Monday.

Interviews and Media articles will go out from Thursday Morning.

@SWIFT_SAFRICA will be posting the first video on their FaceBook and Twitter as well as other details re SWIFT from Thursday morning.

SWIFT will also be posting a fresh new film every week on Twitter and Facebook.

WE ARE ASKING YOU TO do 1 or all 3 of the options below:

1. ​Upload the HASHTAG image to your FB Cover, along with the copy/paste description we’ll provide – so the message is the same.

2. Share what you feel appropriate from the SWIFT posts on FB and Twitter as well as posts from friends/media from Thursday.

3. Continue to share the FB or Twitter videos as they are uploaded by SWIFT over the next 5 weeks.

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