Victory for those who spoke out!

27 Apr

A great day for all women who speak out.

I woke up to hear the great news that Bill Cosby has been found guilty.

According to

NORRISTOWN, Pa. — A jury found Bill Cosby guilty Thursday of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman at his home near here 14 years ago, capping the downfall of one of the world’s best-known entertainers, and offering a measure of satisfaction to the dozens of women who for years have accused him of similar assaults against them.
On the second day of its deliberations at the Montgomery County Courthouse, the jury convicted Mr. Cosby of three counts of aggravated indecent assault against Andrea Constand, at the time a Temple University employee.
Mr. Cosby’s case was the first high-profile sexual assault trial to unfold in the aftermath of the #MeToo movement and many considered the verdict a watershed moment, one that reflected that, going forward, the accounts of female accusers may be afforded greater weight and credibility by jurors.



The lawyer Gloria Allred with accusers of Bill Cosby after the jury convicted Mr. Cosby of sexual assault on Thursday in Norristown, Pa. Credit Brwendan Mcdermid/Reuters

When the story of Bill Cosby broke, the women who came forward received secondary harassment. As in most cases it was the rape apologists who claimed that the women were lying, they claimed that the incidents happened a long time ago and that they had no ground. I would not be surprised if they received threats from Cosby supporters and those who perpetuate violence and rape.
This blog is not about Cosby but about honouring those who were brave enough to stand up and speak out, they chose to go against some the the entertainments most powerful forces and institutions. They have finally come to the end of the road with victory. I honour and salute them.

Caroline Heldman comforts Lili Bernard after Mr. Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault. Credit Pool photo by Mark Makela

For women based in South Africa, if you wish to report on any form of sexual harassment, rape, abuse, there is help. In many instances when the crime occurs the perpetrator will use threats, intimidation against you, in most cases they will try and undermine you and try and make you feel that it is your fault.
2. You have the right to counselling and legal representation.
3. You have the right to report the crime at your nearest police station.

If you need assistance please contact one of the following organisations:

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