Afrik Jewellery

19 Apr


Anyone who knows me or who follows me on social media are well aware of the fact that my three passions in life are Women, Africa and the arts. My love affair with the continent started when I presented a Pan African lifestyle television show, called Studio 53. I presented and later produced for the show, a job title that I held for almost a decade.
On my work excursions, I was privileged to visit all four corners of the continent, I explored cultures, was educated on tradition, food, decor and much more.

So it is no surprise that although I’m based back in my home country, I keep my eye on what is happening both locally and on a Pan African front. I follow trends and and entrepreneurs who push the Pan African agenda. I soon came across a brand called Afrik Jewellery.
I started following and liking their pictures then one day I received a wonderful message in my inbox saying they wanted to deliver a gift to me.
On the arrival of the gift, I was in awe of the beautifully crafted designs, the colours and styles.

Afrik Jewellery is a handmade South African jewellery makers, catering for both the male and female lovers of a new modern ‘western look with African feel” accessories. Afrik Jewellery was started in 2016 June.
The business is fully registered and run by Merafe Thaganyane-Saku co-owning it with her younger sister Keloikantse Thaganyane-Saku.
This of course is up my ally as not only am I supporting an African brand but it is run by two women.
Afrik Jewellery started as a passionate hobby for the two sisters, Merafe and Keloikantse (Known as Kelo) loved re-designing and altering the jewellery they have bought from known stores and that is what made people turn hearts on the street and started getting requests to do the same for them and they will surely pay for their crafts – Afrik was born!

Their target market is all races that loves to feel unique and have a fresh style of “something not seen before”– may it be the new trending designs, the materials used, the style or colours used.
Afrik Jewellery provides African jewellery with a twist of Western touch for the lovers of exclusive and limited edition pieces of earrings, neckpieces and bangles.

What separates and uniquely makes this growing jewellery brand stand out is the unique use of colours and materials that are used.

Their vision is to see the Afrik Jewellery growing together with their clients throughout Africa and the world as a house brand for everyday jewellery.
They hope to fully achieving that by delivering quality, satisfying and unique African handmade jewellery.
Afrik Jewellery has managed successfully to work with other small upcoming business since it started in June 2016. Since the beginning of this amazing journey until now 2018, they have had opportunities to do batch orders, bulk production for both private and public companies.

Their main achievements were providing thank you gifts for #MentorABoyChild, doing Market at the Hill, Ladies Lifestyle Market, Pop-Up store at 27 Boxes in Melville and Shack Market at Alexandra Township amongst others.

Currently Afrik Jewellery can only be ordered in our social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Also an interested party can call or text us.

Their contact details as as follows:
Tel: 064 908 9620
Instagram: @afrikjewellery
Facebook: Afrik Jewellery

Support Women led, Pan African entrepreneurs.

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