Identifying young talent: HER VERY OWNE STRELLAR!!!

2 Mar


A few weeks ago, I commented on my fiend, Lee-Ann Mayimele’S Facebook picture on how I loved her dress, in fact I had already envisioned myself wearing it. I saw myself in a red version possibly giving a talk or working. A few weeks later, my fired then introduces me to the designer. I expected a well know brand from a Johannesburg boutique, to my surprise she said she is a young and up coming brand. As I have said on a number of occasions, my three passions in life are women, Africa and the arts, I knew I had to collaborate with such an amazing force, AS WITHOUT NOWING IT, I CALLED THIS INTO BEING.


The name of the brand is Her Very Owne Estrellar. She chose that name because she believes that every woman is a star in her own capacity. Estrellar is her name, Portuguese for a star. Her parents are both from Mozambique but she was born and raised in Rustenburg in the North West province. Of course, she platinum royalty, just like me.
Her payoff line is: I don’t sell clothes I sell confidence, because when you look good you feel good. It’s really therapeutic and goes beyond just pieces of fabric put together.


She started label at a time when she was depressed and retail therapy was an escape for her. She couldn’t afford the kind of clothes that she wanted, so she decided to buy a sewing machine and make her own. At that time she was still working in corporate, where she felt that she did not fit in. Every night after work, she would go home and create various pieces of clothing. She had no prior learning or knowledge of dress making so and so took it upon herself to teach herself. She gained insight and the skills from watching copious amounts of different YouTube channels and her secret weapon, her mum. Soon, she began to design outfits that attracted many people and soon she had a order list and been making particular items for various people. That’s why she lives by her payoff line: I don’t sell clothes I sell confidence, because when you look good you feel good. It’s really therapeutic and goes beyond just pieces of fabric put together.

Where does she draw her inspiration form:
She draws inspiration from life itself. The conversations she has with all kinds of people, art, food, love music… life. She makes clothes for the woman that’s not afraid to take risks with her clothing, confident in who she is regardless of shape, size or social standing.

The designs:
Her designs are so versatile because she dresses how she feels.
She stated: ‘Fashion is an emotional experience to me, I always have looks that are bright bold and catchy to the eye then I have your simple but yet stylish looks. I always add that zing to everything I make. It has to communicate or inspire conversation. I don’t like to be limited in my creative process. It is where I can truly be myself without feeling boxed.’

These pieces are detachable so you can mix it up with different outfits.

The business of her passion:
She started an online store with the aim of expanding to the level where she has a franchise of stores around the country and eventually branch into clothing manufacturing. She employs two people thus far and is looking to create more employment opportunities in this year.
Her closing comment was ‘I love making people feel good, it excites me to see how a persons whole demeanour changes just because they look good. I have really enjoyed the transition to becoming and entrepreneur and have learnt so much about myself and humanity as whole.’

Let us support local brands.

You can find her via Instagram and Facebook: herveryownestrellar
Her contact email address is:

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