Olivia Makete could have been your mother!

9 Feb

Calling on all compassionate souls. Let us try and help Mme Olivia Makete.

This week we were shocked at the horrifying pictures of an elderly lady been kicked and beaten outside Luthuli house, by a man wearing ANC t-shirt. The man has been identified as branch secretary Thabang Setona, who has subsequently been suspended. This is not about him but about the woman, an elderly woman who could have been one of our mothers. This is about the fact that abuse is a living reality in South Africa. Why is it that a large man thinks he has the right to pull an elderly women from a moving vehicle and beat her? This patriarchal mentality needs to come to an abrupt stop.


Olivia Makete is kicked outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg .
Image: Alon Skuy.

As many of us who looked at the picture and video, were disgusted but also hurt as that could have easily been or mother or grandmother. Speaking and commenting on various posts, many of us wanted to help and do more. So I reached out to my friend, Ntombi Nkosi , and I asked how we could possibly get in touch with Mme Olivia. Ntombi, connected me to the spokesperson of BLF: The Black first Land first organisation.This evening 8 February 2018, I met with Comrade Thandiswa Yaphi (treasurer general), Brian Tloubatla (Deputy national spokesperson) and. Tshidiso Tsimang ( deputy secretary general).
According to the medical reports Mme Olivia was beaten on her breast, arms and legs. She still is in severe pain and struggles to sleep at night.

So who is Olivia Makete?
She is an elderly lady who lives with her husband and two children, who are are 11 and 15 years old, respectively. She has two other children who do not live with her.
She has to support and feed her family and struggles to go an fetch water as she lives in a shack.

Robert Makete and his wife, Olivia Makete, outside their shack in Orange Farm.
Image by Penwell Dlamini.

According to the representatives from BLF, there were approximately 15 people who were travelling in the same vehicle that she was pulled out of. Unfortunately, she was not the only one to receives harsh lashings and beatings. Some were smashed in their faces with bricks. Many have been left with physical scars, which can heal but its the emotional and psychological scars that will take time.

So why am I writing this, we as a group of concerned citizens wish to help Mme Olivia Makete.
I must stress that this is a non-political move and my meeting with BLF was to understand the dynamics of what occurred.

They will liaise with the family and discuss a way in which funds can be distributed to the family. If you wish to support through food parcel or day to day living items, those are gladly accepted.

So this is a call to concerned citizens, member of the medical and legal fraternity and possibly housing development, how can you help?

Medical attention, due to her age, the wounds and pain will take longer. She will need extensive medical care.
Legal team.
A house as she lives in an informal settlement in a shack
Day to day living items.
Your compassion.

Whilst we set up a crowdfunding system with the family, please send your details via my messenger inbox as to how you want to help and we will move from there.

If you know of anyone who is in the same situation or anyone who needs counselling please contact POWA

One Response to “Olivia Makete could have been your mother!”

  1. Katungi Joseph February 9, 2018 at 10:54 am #

    Read the story…
    Horrible ..

    Is it chase the brutal guys but behave like them??

    We all have our short falls but in this era we err.

    And people just cheer up????..

    SA should be behaving better than us the low income countries like Ugand
    Atleast Ug is hospitable. And respectful to women and to the elderly.

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